The Rock Steroids – Is Dwayne Johnson On Steroids?

The Rock Steroids
Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Admits to Steroid Use

The Rock Steroids List- Proof that Dwayne Johnson Uses Steroids He Doesn’t Want You to Know!

The Rock a.k.Dwayne Johnson has a lot to discuss with his fans on the Instagram session about how he managed to keep up with those beasts like muscles. But have you ever wonder if The Rock has been taking steroids? Well, they all do and since the competition is very tough so…

In an interview, Dwayne Johnson admitted that he takes steroids! 

This interview was conducted by Fortune where Rock revealed about his past where he did steroids with his friends. He was only 18 and the time was critical, but now Dwayne claimed not to touch steroids ever since.

It may or may not be true but if you look at the rock transformation, there are answers to every of your question. 

Dwayne Johnson’s Body Transformation

There is no doubt about Dwayne has got his physique from his bulky and bodybuilder dad. His mother’s father was also a Samoa wrestler who appeared in many WWF episodes. Back in the day, Dwayne had no idea about how to put on the mass without adding any fat. 

Dwayne thrived in the gym for hours and finally picked on some fat-free mass and now he looks more ripped than ever! 

dwayne the rock johnson

Proof The Rock Uses Steroids!

It requires a hell of practice and a perfect amount of diet to gain a significant mass without the fats. It seems unlikely, especially for the experienced weight trainer.

If you haven’t noticed, Dwayne’s body mass is not the only thing which has increased in size, but if you look at his HEAD (SKULL) size which also appears to be larger than before. 

If you compare the Rock before and after pictures, you will see a glance of steroids with that juicy and buffy look. There are other signs of using anabolic steroids which we are going to discuss below, and that was also experienced by our beloved “The Rock”

Flushed Skin

Dwayne Johnson’s facial and body-color was fair before and now it has gone darker. This is because of the perpetual elevated body temperature which can only happen due to the use of anabolic steroids.

“Flushed skin is a common physical response to anxiety, stress, t, anger, or another extreme emotional state”.

White men, on the other hand, experience the redness of the pinkness of the skin. The Rock has Black or we can say Samoan descent which makes him turn into much darker. 

The reason why he got flushed skin is that the use of Anabolic Steroids hyper elevates the blood pressure so your body testosterone levels will get higher.

Now, the testosterone is directly related to the LDL cholesterol levels which medical profession named as a “BAD CHOLESTEROL”

This is the reason why men who use anabolic steroids encounters more heart attack compared to women. Simply because they compromise the healthy cholesterol level over testosterone. 

 Bigger Traps – Are not Just Ordinary! 

You can’t unsee The Rock’s huge traps as he leans down and gives you the fiery look. It’s the best set of muscles on his body which is very rare to be overdeveloped. 

The juice takers or in other words, the user of anabolic steroids always have the massive growth in the TRAPEZIUS region which does contain a high number of androgen receptors.

So if you have started a steroid cycle, chances are your trap muscles will be the first one to pop up first. 

According to a plethora of evidence, we could conclude easily that Dwayne Johnson is a steroid user. According to him, he hasn’t used them ever since he was 18 which is another way to say “I do it, but I don’t want the kids to get a bad impression”.


The Rock experiences major side effects of the anabolic steroids. You could have said by looking at his huge traps in the wrestle mania that he has got something right! 

After leaving the Wrestling career, Dwayne focuses on his bodybuilding and acting career which to him was the big and fat success.

According to the bodybuilding experts, the rock hasn’t got the additional size, he just got more ripped and got rid of the extra fats in his body. 


Human Growth Hormones (HGH), is the compound amongst the list of anabolic steroid which Dwayne uses to moderately improve the muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

The rock steroids cycle

The skull enlargement is a sign of HGH consumption and some even noticed Rock’s HGH Gut which starts bulging out. Usually, you get the pregnant look by using HGH if you are using it with insulin.

It has been noticed that even Mr. Olympia such as Ronnie Coleman has got the bloated belly affects who used HGH with insulin to promote muscle mass growth rapidly. 

The Rock has improved his physique by steroids? False!

Even though he used steroids but it certainly can’t change the fact that he’s a great actor, wrestler, model, and a human person. 

The Rock Steroid Stacks

These two steroids are popularly known to be used by Dwayne Johnson. 

  • Testosterone (Sustanon)
  • Human Growth Hormones (Somatropin)

It may be true that steroids helped him getting the packs size and look big. But if you pry into the bodybuilding industry, the use of steroids is very common unless you get big naturally. This way, you have to spend more time at the gym which we see The Rock implanting most of the time. 

Testosterone justifies his bigger traps which started to appear back during his WWE era. 

According to multiple reports at sight, these two steroids also help suspicious to be used by the Rock over the years. 

  • Dianabol (Metandienone)
  • Trenbolone (Trenbolone acetate)

Dianabol is the God of steroids from where the use of steroids took place, it works like testosterone and promotes the mass and overall strength. The only peculiar thing about Dianabol that it works with more power than other steroids which are why it produces more side effects including the Water Retention. 

The Rock might have been using Trenbolone at some point because of the size of his traps are not natural- not at all! Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that bodybuilding uses for the same things as you can see on Dwayne’s shoulders. 

Trenbolone has a vivid side effect that is Hirsutism (Excessive Hair Growth), this side effect is caused by the hyper elevation of androgen molecules in the body. Our body muscles comprise multiple androgen receptors that bind with the tren and get swole in size.

The Rock has medium bigger sized Deltoid which made us question the dose of Trenbolone he used to have. Clearly, it wasn’t a very high otherwise his shoulder would have given bulkier and BIG effect. 

The Rocks Muscles are Big But Smooth

Normally, guys on Tren don’t have smith muscles because the steroid tends to dry up the skin to provide ripening effects.

The reason why it happens because it flushes out large water content from your body which at times performs like a diuretic. Dwayne Johnson looks like he has some water left which points towards other anabolic steroids. 

How Can You Develop Body like “The Rock” Without Steroids?

Legal steroids are the common things these days which is designed to promote the muscle-building effects naturally.

The side effects-free supplements are now called “legal Steroids” which have a collection of almost 12 AAS. 

Starting with the Trenbolone alternative Trenorol which is used to have huge traps as Dwayne. Testo-Max, the alternative to Testosterone could end your worries circling testosterone deficiency. 

Lastly, D-Bal, the alternative to Dianabol which The Rock didn’t know in his time, but you do!

The Rock Steroids – Final Thoughts

It is not easier to become a bodybuilder, with so many commitments you have to work for appearing best in the ring or competitions.

We cannot say The Rock never uses steroids in his life because that would be insane and not correct. By looking at his physique, we can say he might have used 2-3 kinds of anabolic steroids for sure that are Dianabol, Trenbolone, and Testosterone. 

The rock before and after transformation pictures

Better if he left AAS before he had to experience the dangerous outcomes. 

Regardless of whether The Rock has taken steroids or not, he will always remain the best type of actor in his field. His genes are stronger than normal people so if you think steroids are the only thing that kept him bulk, you are wrong!